Issue No 17

A Letter from the Editor

BY Kaitlyn Parks


For over two years now we’ve been devoted to creating a singular forum for disruptive, inspired emergent artistry, connecting cultural outriders with brand partnership, and producing provocative content for the digital realm.

ISSUE 18 documents our first chapter in the physical exhibition of Fine Art with GLORY HOLE - a spectacle of 75 artworks and five immersive installations curated from our most recent pages & archives, & arranged thematically in conjunction w/co-curators Rémy & Kelsey Bennett.

Premiering at the 2016 SPRING/BREAK Art Show, GLORY HOLE focuses on the role of the artist in the modern digital age, exploring subverted levels of intimacy, sexual catharsis, worship, exhibitionism, and violence amidst the growing pains of our rapidly changing technological and interior landscape.

We hope you’ll view ISSUE 18 as what it is : a glimpse inside the combined strengths & output of a select, distinct group of Artists, whose labor personifies the details of our aesthetic interests, & exemplify the various corners of our Company’s axis of methodology : ENGAGE + INSPIRE + SUBVERT + CREATE.

We invite you to partake in this event in person, & if in attendance, to support these Creators the way they deserve : Have a Conversation, Share Your Experience With Others --- & Buy Some Art. It’s the best way of proving our own theories about this identity we continue to carry, & keeping the spirit of creative collaboration alive.

Yours In Struggle & Spirit,

Kaitlyn Parks/1985