Issue No 17

Hanging Tender

BY Evan Louison

By deconstructing and reconstructing the meat of dead animals, Brooke David transforms primal forms into vivid synthetic texturesfor her large scale paintings; imbibing the fleshy contours of  carcass with a pulse, & new purpose.


FAR FROM YOUR GUN 48”x 72” Oil on Wood 2013  (photo by Mike Weber)



"Hanging Tender is a series of oil paintings of skinned rabbit carcasses that blur the lines between animal and human. Interested in the intersection between life and death, sexuality and decay,
these meat paintings transform primal forms, at once sustenance and ancient symbols of fertility and sacrifice, in vivid textures painted on a massive scale, capturing in oil the distinct scent of lust.
Stretching beyond their canvas borders, the meat paintings invite the viewer’s complete immersion in the sacred intimacy of the flesh,
creating an immediate visceral experience that breathes new life beyond these canvas carcasses."

– Brooke David


AWAY FROM YOUR GUN 8”x 10” Oil on Wood 2013




DESIRE OPENS ITS JAWS 8”x 10” Oil on Wood 2013





















GRAND ODALISQUE 8”x 10” Oil on Wood 2013


PRIMAL CUT 8”x 15” Oil on Wood 2013



COLOR CHART #1 9”x 12” Oil on Wood 2013



COLOR CHART #2 9”x 12” Oil on Wood 2013



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Portrait of Brooke David by Mike Weber