Issue No 17

Drawing A Blank Into Sacred Portals

BY Lorie Loire

Riding the magic carpet into a marvel, lurking in a sea of geometry made with a string of pearls. Death and life seasoned with everything in between. The roar of a lion can be heard from all crevices of a heart. Spontaneous laughter on a mountain top echoes cries of children being born into the cosmos. Lust for flesh radiate beyond three dimensions finding a digital sensation. Solitude of primitive landscapes germinates psychedelic dreams that whisper reflections in all material forms. A glance into his canvas turns my submarine into the deep blue seas of my own exploration.

Infinitely more than excellent precision and phenomenal handwork, Pietro Spirito creates a kaleidoscope of emotion, fantasy and poetry with his powerhouse of oil paintings. He has the capacity to overcome the constraints of our cognitive reality pulling down his vision into the soul of the earth; to further describe his work informatively would be inadequate.

Pietro Spirito was born in Manduria Italy in 1981. He currently lives and works in Berlin.