Issue No 17

Nadia Szold

Szold was born September 28, 1984, sixty years after Marcello Mastroianni and fifty years after Brigitte Bardot to the day. She founded Cojones Company in 2002 under which she directed 14 plays beginning with Waiting for Godot, and including other works by Beckett, Pinter, Ionesco, Stoppard, etc. She founded Cinema Imperfecta in 2006. Hope & Anchor, Thievery, The Persian Love Cake and Some Kinda Fuckery were the short film results of a couple years while living between Paris and Shaolin. She attended finishing school on 1 Worth Street, day dreamt through most of it, but any tricks she picked up may be traced to Robin O'Hara and Scott Macaulay of Forensic Films. 

Her first feature Joy de V. (2013) starred Evan Louison and premiered at Slamdance to acclaim and a nod from the Jury. She is currently in post on her follow-up film Mariah, starring Dakota Goldhor and once again Mr. Louison.