Issue No 8

Hyper Vibrant Fun. The World of Ace Norton.

BY Jonathan Mayor

Even if you haven’t heard of Ace Norton, you’ve probably seen his videos. A filmmaker and music video director, Ace has worked with some of the biggest names in music, putting his unique spin on pop culture imagery, fashion, stop motion animation, and retro genre shout outs. I sat down to talk surfing, skateboarding accidents, smoking blunts with Snoop Dogg, and what constitutes proper bank heist attire. Also a little about filmmaking and his prolific career since childhood, and why he likes blowing things up so much (even if that last one is pretty rhetorical).

The Jewels of Sonia Fernández Rives

BY Kaitlyn Parks

In Geneva, Switzerland, a city unparalleled for luxury goods, designer Sonia Fernández Rives reinvents fine jewelry as we know it. After working for companies such as Piaget and LVMH, Rives launched her own brand Rives Genève in 2011. Her latest line Croisière is bold, graphic and young, a combination of precious metals and stones with common materials. Expensive jewelry can be boring and bourgeois. In the case of Rives, it's a lifetime warranty of cool.

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