Issue No 15

A Letter From The Editor: Curatorial Values

BY Kaitlyn Parks

The question of the nature of curation is one posed repeatedly at 1985. For us, a curator is much more than a mere champion of the arts --- more definitively it is someone with a compulsive passion to organize for the creative & cultural good. In Issue 15 we feature seven curators dedicated to emerging artistry & the sustainability of art for art’s sake, enabling artists to exercise freedom of expression outside of the confines of commercial interest. Without them, we would be left alone to wade through the uniform quagmire that is our current cultural tide. 

London is Burning

BY Stephen Whelan

By day, 1985 contributor Georgie MacEchern heads up an eclectic and compelling collection of London's most creative talent in her role as Head of Sales for ahead-of-the-curve production company Caviar. By night you're likely to catch her spinning a unique blend of tunes under the guise of her alter ego, DJ Miss G. With residencies at many of London's leading hang outs including Shoreditch House and a raft of international sets under her very trim belt, it's safe to say she's not one to turn down the chance to set moods soaring and pulses pounding.

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