Issue No 5

The Fisch Nette

BY Katie Fischer

Each morning I wake up in a Michel Gondry "Science of Sleep" haze and I think about which creative process I’d like to start with for the day. As a freelance artist I have the luxury of living in imagination land. When I tire of one project I simply shift to another one so that they’re all constantly interacting, influencing and inspiring one another. This week I’ve been working on producing/writing/directing a music video, pitching a column to, an article to T Style, writing a comedy spec, workshopping my feature dark comedy film script, shooting a self-portrait for this article, producing shoots for my fine art photography and brainstorming how to start a women’s rights non-profit combatting sex trafficking. Although it may seem like I’m all over the place I feel like Neo…that’s right I’m referencing the Matrix. I truly believe I see invisible creative/artistic code and I feel a compulsion to constantly create each moment of each day.

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