Issue No 4

The FAT Kingdom

BY Kaitlyn Parks

Brooklyn based filmmakers, Micah Ross and Mehdi Zollo, founders of production company Fatking Films, bring a mix of Swiss precision and California dreaming to their canvas of New York City. Born and raised between Geneva and Rome, Zollo earned a degree in Ancient Languages before moving to Paris to study a different language: cinema. After graduating film school and directing his first commercial works under Partizan, Zollo set out for the land of Mean Streets and Brooklyn's Finest. While nearly a decade ago, Ross left Southern California in pursuit of the same funky fresh urban grit that is NYC. The two are now writing their own story on how to make it in America.

The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

BY Evan Louison

Born in Lower Manhattan, the SAMO tag became renowned, infamous, & reviled in the late 70’s / early 80’s, all due to the dual hands of Jean-Michel Basquiat & Al Diaz, bonded as Nuyoricans despite their differing color traits. While Basquiat would go on to reap the majority of recognition & fame for their work, Al Diaz remained content in his own life's passions, work, and the remote shadows of the spotlight. Still within the Five Boroughs reach, surviving, lasting & outlasting all naysayers and doubting thomases to this day, his voice & memory remain perfectly intact. Herein we explore a day of remembrance with him in the Jacob Riis Houses, the Housing Projects where he grew up.

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