Issue No 14

Grandmothers in Sportswear & 3D Glasses

BY Kaitlyn Parks

"The collection was based on the film "World on a Wire" by Fassbinder that I found by luck on Youtube. Last year, I took the images with my camera straight onto the screen and blew them up to make the print for the dress. It's a very modern sci fi film. When I met Beatrix I was struck by her icy beauty hiding a very warm heart. She's the perfect heroine and I wanted to show my devotion to her and all the ladies I dress."

Reality is Not My Expertise

BY Evan Louison

Always coinciding somewhere between the realm of performance & protest, there is a distinctly irreverent tone to all of Nastio Mosquito's visual work, which incorporates video, graphic design, music, dance, & poetry. This past month IKON GALLERY closed out Mosquito's first solo show, entitled 'Daily Lovemaking', & from their Birmingham home, IKON brings the Angolan-born mystic & his uniquely metaphysical, digital hyper-reality to the 56th Biennale di Venezia (May – August 2015) at the Oratorio di San Ludovico, S. Basilio., in collaboration with Nuova Icona. We corresponded sporadically with Nastio from New York, his own whereabouts mysterious & unclear. We can't imagine Mr. Mosquito, whose work is to be experienced in order to be approached, would have preferred it any other way.

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