Issue No 1

What if Eran Shakine Lived and Worked in New York City?

BY Periel Aschenbrand

Born and raised between London and Tel Aviv, which may or may not be relevant, I am totally convinced that Eran Shakine is the Andy Warhol of our generation. Truth be told, I don’t formally know jack shit about art, so what I think may not matter. But then too, I do know a good deal about a lot of other things and I have a pretty damn good eye for what’s real and what’s bullshit. Beyond that, the world seems to be starting to take notice of what I’ve known for years – that Eran Shakine will give you a run for your motherfucking money. (And, no, not because he’s Israeli.)

My Homeboy, Homeboy Sandman

BY Chris Faraone

By the time he dispatched Lightning Bolt – easily one of the least traditional, off-the-wall joints ever rolled – the crowd was fully enthralled. As for me; I'm not sure if there was one specific person who discovered Mozart, but that's what it felt like. On psilocybin. Dude even had an unlikely MC pedigree: raised in Queens, Angel Del Villar attended prep school in New Hampshire, and went on to earn an Ivy League degree at Penn. Somehow, he works the whole experience into every line. 

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