Issue No 7

Thief: One to Watch at SXSW

BY Georgie MacEchern

Thief is the new electronic pop project of Australian PJ Wolf. Hailing from Sydney, Thief was born when PJ swapped his guitars for synthesizers creating an aesthetic that sounds similar to Metronomy, Frank Ocean and Miike Snow. A winner of the renowned Australian Triple J Unearthed Top Song competition in 2008 and recipient of the Foundation for Young Australian Buzz Grant, this super talented young artist is making waves having also been shortlisted for this year’s prestigious Vanda and Young songwriting competition for his track ‘Closer’.

Fellow Humans

BY Sarah Arison

For up-and-coming visual artist Wenjun Liang, being an artist is something she did not consciously choose- it was something she innately did starting from a young age. It was only when she began formal art classes did she realize that art would be a legitimate career path for her. While she continues to develop as an artist and has already explored the mediums of painting and photography, as with any emerging artist her body of work will doubtlessly continue to grow and change, which is the most exciting aspect of beginning to follow an artist at the beginning of their career.  With themes drawing on humanity and internal emotions, she creates powerful images that are a striking addition to any collection.

Vehicle for Creation

BY Kaitlyn Parks

What is the future of art? I think it's magic and experimentation, driven by technological means; existing in the digital space but also the physical – because the physical is fleeting. It will give us an experience outside of our computer, because that is what we will need. When I look at Mike O'Toole and his art, I see the future. Mike is a mechanic, engineer, programmer, architect, mathematician and artist.  If my high school math teacher told me that I could end up doing what Mike O'Toole does, I would have paid attention. 

A Love Supreme

BY Chris Faraone

A performance artist and luminary method actor of sorts, that year Vermin was sporting some kind of ridiculous costume or another, loitering outside the Manchester hotel where Beltway stars and high office hopefuls crash during election season. McCain was stepping off his campaign charter bus – actually named the Straight Talk Express, hilarious as that may sound in retrospect – expecting to shake a few mittens and entertain supporters waiting joyously for his arrival. In their presence, though, was perennial candidate Supreme, wielding a six-foot tall toothbrush and yelling louder than the rest of the crowd combined: “YOU'RE MINE, MCCAIN! DEBATE ME RIGHT HERE! DEBATE ME RIGHT NOW!”

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