Issue No 10

Ward Roberts: Minimalism

BY Kaitlyn Parks

Photographer Ward Roberts is an old soul. Born in Australia, now living in New York City amongst the hustle and bustle of young souls seeking their seven seconds of fame. This is something 28 year old Roberts seems to transcend, approaching everything he does with a deeper comprehension of life. While many focus on creating a brand, a robust portfolio, and commercial value all at the speed of light, Ward works his ass off to make art: finding truth and knowledge; revealing beauty; rescuing the likeness of places, scenes and people from the transience of life.

Kentucker Audley: Capturing The Game

BY Evan Louison

There’s plenty of information out there to be gotten at, plenty of points at which you can access his persona. Over the course of a few years, he’s shifted seamlessly between projects & never once stopped producing his own films or promoting the work of others (Plenty of history, but no need to repeat those results here. K.E. founded No Budge Films in 02/11, to provide a venue for microbudget short & feature films) Since then we’ve gotten to work together twice. The most recent opportunity, Jonny Come Lately (dir Francesca Coppola), is where this conversation took place. Just two of us who, as old as we are, still have only just begun.

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