Issue No 3

Latchkey Kids

BY Evan Louison

Émilie Richard-Froozan and Rémy Bennett. Two magnetic and charismatically graceful young directors from New York, in conversation with actor and collaborator Evan Louison, straight from the set of their first feature, the New York/New Orleans hybrid “Buttercup Bill,” produced by Emma Comley and Sadie Frost for Blonde to Black Pictures.

Rémy Bennett & Émilie Richard Froozan Director Read more

If Jenny Saville and Lucien Freud had a Cannibal Baby (or a Love Child)

BY Periel Aschenbrand

I was introduced to Brooke by a mutual friend, who just happens to be an editor at Vogue. She said I had to meet her. I am constantly being told that I have to meet someone or other and being that I am mildly anti-social, I usually just nod and offer some bullshit variation of “I’d love to,” and pray no one will remember. However, when the introducing party is an editor at Vogue, one generally pays attention. So I went to meet Brooke, for pizza.

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