Issue No 12

Barry Gifford : Beyond Wild At Heart

BY Evan Louison

In Barry Gifford’s world, places have names, & the people who reside between the walls of his cramped rooms, Italian villas, & Southern tracthouses, the horizons of his empty highways, they have them too. They are all worth remembering. Like the late Eugene O’Neill, Gifford was born in a hotel room. Gifford however, unlike O'Neill, appears to have survived, & unlike O'Neill, will not be returned to eternity in the same setting. Rather, his peripatetic, transient nature, fluidly combining elements of pulp narrative, poetry, & melodrama in his myriads of combinations & texts, seems an ordinary companion to this origin. And perhaps just the reason he & his work live on.


BY Kaitlyn Parks

Fluent in multiple languages of visual expression, Yara Travieso pulls from her dictionary of film, performance, choreography, dance and narrative to create sensational works of art. Her intrinsic pursuit of storytelling manifests as stage performance, installation and video; it's culturally inspired, and an amalgam of genre and influence – she puts the MULTI in multi-disciplinary, multi-media art. She’s created numerous expositions for stage and gallery, as well as fashion films for Hermés, Glamour, and Superior Magazine, which are quite exquisite. 

Yara Travieso Director, Choreographer & Performer Read more

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