Issue No 2

Love & Design

BY Jonathan Mayor

James and Christine, owners of NYC design company Stewart-Schafer, are quickly making a name for themselves in the world of retail fashion interiors. Living and working together, this mild mannered Brit (James) and no BS midwestern girl (Christine) create concepts and environments for the fashion community; building spaces and furniture with an aesthetic based on travel, experience, and fusing the modern with vintage and classic sensibilities. We sat down to discuss their process, the business, their vision, and to settle once and for all who walked over and started talking to who (on that fateful day).

Moonshine and Shotguns

BY Kaitlyn Parks

As a producer I sometimes fall hard for directors. It's a bit of a vice you see. I'm even married to one. It all started in film school, I'd fall head over heels for a good treatment or maybe a storyboard and then the next thing you know I'm selling my car and taking out a loan to fund their twenty five minute super 16mm film. I don't go for any young filmmaker with a 5D and a stock lens, or even the more established Hollywood type. What stands out about Alex Murawski, besides his dreamy Australian accent, is that he truly understands how to craft a story. His work is proof that a film is the sum of its parts. 

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