Issue No 17

Holly Dean

Born in New Zealand in 1985, Holly’s earliest memory is at five; she’s pulling all the arts & craft materials out of the hallway cupboard of her family home to see what she could create. She was bored at school, completely miserable, she found her solace in creativity. Her parents took her out of school and home-schooled her at the age of seven, allowing her to explore her creative passions and interests. You could find her most days behind the lens of her Minolta camera. She spent her early years as a dancer both ballet and contemporary, living within the world of performing arts & stage. She went on to spend her early twenties on a tour bus, working behind the scenes at every major music festival and rock concert throughout Europe. She’s partied with the best of them. But it took its toll. A freelance event producer by trade, Holly has worked around the world, having stints in both film production and fashion, working alongside award-winning filmmakers and designers. These days, she’s more chilled out, a gypsy wanderlust based on a little island in the pacific with her Motion Designer partner Jay, living a holistic lifestyle. She still has her hands in many pots, producing, writing, healing, blogging. You can find her holistic ramblings at

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