Issue No 6

Raw Essence

BY Marco Piza

Born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and a drummer since the age of 10, Jean Dolabella has gained a reputation as versatile and sensitive as well as become an important musician in the international music scene. As a former drummer for Sepultura; one of the most important thrash metal bands in the world, Dolabella has also performed with major artists such as Mike Patton, Paul Di’Anno, Lenine and Milton Nascimento, among others. His first band, Udora, toured heavily in the US and Brazil, standing out in the independent music scene. In 2001, Diesel played on the main stage at Rock in Rio 3 alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers, consolidating their fame.

Eli The Conqueror

BY Alexa Dedlow

I discovered Swedish-­born singer/songwriter, Beatrice Eli, while scouring through the many director reels and music videos I am sent on a daily basis. As a video commissioner at Interscope Records, I am constantly trying to educate myself on new directors/work with the potential of having them write on the videos I make with IGA’s catalogue of new artists. Now, I pretty much see it all, and I have to admit I rarely take notice of an artist over the music video directors themselves. However, Eli just stood out to me.

A Very Musical Family

BY Fernanda Romano

“It happened immediately to both of us. I couldn't get him to go to college. He said ‘I know what I want to do’. The same thing happened to me, around fifteen I was working as a musician, working weekends playing weddings and things like that.” Tony said he’d play anywhere he could work, as it was fun and easy to get work.

The Cellist

BY Jonathan Mayor

Jeremy is–or has been called–a classical cellist, a rock guitarist, pianist, and front man; writer; collaborator; conductor; and award winning composer for film; television; and commercials. He played with one the best orchestras in the world, dropping out of Juilliard at 21 to become one of the youngest members to ever join the Metropolitan Opera orchestra, where he played for fourteen years.  

The Orchestra

To spend an afternoon with Herbert Bail or just a moment listening to their music, the sounds will take you to a different place, almost a different time, filled with emotions, history and depth. Their style encompasses the personality of their collective alter ego: Herbert Bail. "The band's style versus my personal style… I don't see much difference," says singer-songwriter and guitarist of The Herbert Bail Orchestra, Anthony Frattolillo. 

Made in New Zealand

BY Holly Dean

Trying to crack into the music industry can be a constant struggle, for an emerging musician, the process and procedures of the industry can be a hard one, and getting in front of the right people and getting a break is not as simple as one would think. We sat down with New Zealand’s newest EDM powerhouse Helen Corry to have a chat about the local industry, growing up on a farm, cracking the US Charts and making the decision to pack up and move to Melbourne.

A Thousand Words On Escape & The Death Of A Friend

BY Evan Louison

Moments into the first song, I understood everything. Jason’s voice soared so high above the visceral, searing clash of the strings, the thunder of the drums, the tumult & melody never married in such a perfect union before, never so indecipherably entwined. It was as if the sounds themselves weren’t even being created before us at all. Instead they were conjured, summoned, brought forth from those little boxes we call amplifiers like demons coming through the wallpaper, peeling paint off the windows with magic & flame.

Jason Rosenthal Vocalist/guitarist Read more

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